Making It Win in A Roulette

The best thing to remember in roulette is one can earn money very, very fast or lose at the same pace. The house edge for an American roulette reaches up to 5%. Other games have much better odds than the American roulette. European Roulette is somewhat better.

To play the roulette, one must know these few words of wisdom.

It is always recommended to choose the European roulette (if it is available in the casino) over the American roulette. One will know that it is a European roulette when the wheel has only one zero (0) and not two, thus, cutting to half its house edge. The reduced house edge saves the player big amount of money in playing roulette. Also, there is a bigger chance to win. As a smart player, this should be taken into consideration.

Also, one must avoid using the Martingale system if he very well knows that he's losing a lot by waiting something to happen. In Martingale system, the player's bet is doubled every time he loses so that his losses are covered. This may sound like a great strategy but a smart player should consider that he might continue losing. Even if a player has a large capital, he will eventually keep his bets up until it reaches the amount that is already beyond betting limits. Use only the Martingale system if roulette playing is only a few times (three to ten times wagering) and then stop.

With regard to "0" and "00," betting on them will not remove the house edge like most people assume. The additional zero bets have the same rate of house edge like the others on the table. Since the wheel has 38 numbers and payout is 35 to 1 and not 37 to 1, there is nothing special with "0" or "00."

Given there is a high house edge, the average bet one can make in an hour is only 30 bets. Assuming that the player spends five dollars for every bet, he is gambling away his $150 in an hour. So if the house edge is roughly at 5%, the player is potentially losing $7.50 per hour over the course of time.

The conflict starts when deciding to go for small wind or hit for larger ones which is very rare. The general rule is that outside bets have higher chance of winning yet in small amounts and the outside bets have lower chance of winning but in big amounts. The odds among all the bets are just the same. Roulette is plainly a game of chance or probability. There is always a chance to win and depends on luck.

Although a player has been influenced by prior results, he should learn to bet along with the outcome and not go against it. To determine how much a roulette player is losing or winning are two obvious factors. The first one is of course the player's luck and the second factor is the decision in timing--- the time when he should be quitting.

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